Mad Hatter I LOVE COOKIES E-juice


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Mad Hatter I LOVE COOKIES E-juice presents an irresistible option that brings the joy of dessert to every puff. The velvety smoothness of full-bodied milk enhances the cookie’s richness. Juicy strawberries and a luxuriously rich caramel dance on your palate. The interplay of these flavors adds layers of complexity, leaving a luscious sweetness that lingers and tempts you for more.

Packaged in convenient 60ml bottles, this e-juice has a well-thought-out VG/PG ratio of 70/30, and strikes a harmonious balance between flavor intensity and cloud production. It employs a synthetic nicotine formulation, available in nicotine options of 3mg or 6mg. Crafted in the USA by Liquid Labs, Mad Hatter’s quality is guaranteed. It will delight vapers with exceptional and safe taste adventures.

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