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Used both as a classic dripper and for squonking – Steam Crave Hadron Mesh RDSA

We have a second service novelty under the Steam Crave brand. By the way, as a bonus, we’ll also learn about an extra stage that will come in handy for two of today’s new vape atomizers. Well, let’s talk about everything in order – first is Steam Crave Hadron Mesh RDSA.

Steam Crave Hadron Mesh RDSA review

This novelty look is also modest, but not without a sense of style and natural corporate design elements. As a noteworthy moment – a bright drip and an embossed logo on the case. The height of the RDA is slightly lower than its release version, but the diameter is always larger.

And again, from the start, a very modest palette of design options will be available – a classic and nothing more. The acrylic drip tip has a standard 810 fit. Airflow is laterally directed, at a slight angle to the bottom of the deck.

Moreover, the perforation of the air intake holes on the dome is represented by a pair, both of two rows of holes, and of one. Airflow intensity adjustment is achieved by turning the dome around its axis – there are no risks for convenience.

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Perhaps the latter is simply useless here. The side skirt, apparently, sits rigidly on the deck and does not take an “active part” in the process. Deca, in fact, does not offer anything new – we have already seen a similar construct.

The latter is designed to fix two spirals. The Steam Crave brand developers did not pay attention to this point in the presentation, however, I believe that the mesh evaporators are engaged in series with such a rack design. Cotton is placed in wells on the sides of the racks – everything is trite here.

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