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Vladdin RE And Suorin Air Plus Worth Purchasing?

We have seen a lot of pod-style devices before, and the Vladdin RE is no exception. It has a generally compact and lightweight rectangular rod design when viewed from the front, but the Vladdin pod system has a slightly sharper edge on both sides, making it look thinner when viewed from the side.

This is an interesting design choice because it makes the entire device more sleek and ergonomic, which makes the grip feel good. As a pod-type device, it doesn’t have any unnecessary buttons or screen displays, it has only a front battery life indicator and a tiny USB port on the bottom.

Vladdin RE

The inclusion of a micro USB port is a very good decision for Vladdin, as many vapers always complain about the proprietary charging of most vape pod system. Almost everyone has a micro USB cable and a micro USB port that makes Vladdin charging easier.

Vladdin has a built-in 350 mah battery that is very normal, and its maximum watt output is 12 watts, which is enough for pod-type devices. The pod is magnetic and there is only one in the kit. Interestingly, they have two kit options, a pre-assembly kit, and a refillable kit. The Vladdin pod system is air-driven, which means it’s automatic, you just have to drag it, just like regular cigarettes produce steam. Its airflow is unregulated, which is unfortunate, but because the airflow is not too tight and not too open, you can still do a mouth-to-lung or direct-lung resistance.

Look At Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit 930mAh

Suorin Air Plus is the third version of the Suorin Air series. The Air Plus is equipped with a 930mAh battery and a 3.2ml ink cartridge designed for atomization of nicotine salt.

The Suorin Air Plus inherits the Air V2 and features a stylish card chassis. The new pod features an oil baffle design with a 0.7-ohm coil and a 0.8-ohm coil for the best flavor of nicotine salt and high nicotine conventional electronic fluids. The Suorin Air Plus features a convenient stretch-activated ignition system and five LED light battery indicators that can be fully charged through the C-type charging port in 50 minutes.

Suorin Air Plus review

If you are a newcomer looking for a starter kit, or if you just want a compact evaporator, then Vladdin pod and Suorin Air Plus are a good choice. They are all great new starter evaporators to help novices quit cigarettes. What’s really impressive is that a new company can produce good pod-shaped evaporator, and I believe they will be well known if they are consistent with the quality of future products.

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